Who is a
Virtual navigator?

It is an experienced specialist paid only for hours worked.

It is more than a Virtual Assistant. Not only will she take over tasks and manage projects but also take the reins of your Internet activity and steer your business to the right direction.


Why you should work with me


You will work with an experienced person who can create and/or implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your business


You will delegate tasks that you don’t like, the ones that seem unproductive in order to spend time on what you do best.


You will increase not only
your effectiveness but
also the one of your

Thanks to a Virtual Navigator you will focus on what you do best!


Hi, my name is Dorota and I’ve been navigating the wild seas of Internet and digital marketing for six years.
I’ve created a widely read travel blog, I gave lectures about search engine optimization (SEO), I created a Facebook group which reaches fifteen thousand members, I created a passive income from my Internet activities.
On a daily basis I also deal with corporate communications. Do you want to know more about me? Great! Check about me page

What do I offer to businesses which choose improved effectiveness?

don't just take my word for it 🙂 check what others have to say!

We've worked with Dorota for over 3 years. Dorota comes with an array of SEO, social media, and marketing skills. Dorota has been instrumental in growing our community in both organic search and social media.
One of Dorota's many successes with us includes the setting up of our Facebook group and growing its membership to over 13,000 members.

Shay Gleeson, HelpStay

Opinion 2


Working with a Virtual Navigator will positively impact the quality of your projects.

how does it work?

Step 1.

your needs recognition

We schedule a free consultation call when I will ask questions and listen to you.

Tell me about your business, goals and ideas. We will talk about what you can and want to delegate and I will help you to choose the best hourly package.

Step 2.

work plan and
tasks transfer

You transfer me the tasks, I make a plan and I start navigating! I register my working time by minute.

Step 3.

fruitful cooperation!

Every Friday I send you a time and tasks report. You are glad how fast and well the work goes 🙂

Check the prices:

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